GOP Congressmen Attacked: Has the Hostile Political Climate Reached a Tipping Point?


alexandria virginiaSeveral Republican congressmen were shot at during a GOP team baseball practice in Alexandria Virginia on the morning of June 14th 2017. James T. Hodgkinson, who is now deceased, injured 5 people. One of the injured was House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who sustained a gun-shot wound to the hip. The others were staffers and Capitol Hill police officers. The Capital Hill police, who were present as assigned security for Scalise, subdued the attacker. If Scalise’s security detail had not been there, then this incident could have been far worse.

Hodgkinson was a mentally ill left-winger who expressed a litany of anti-Trump and anti-GOP sentiment on his social media accounts; and volunteered for Senator Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries. One of his Facebook posts stated: “Trump is a traitor. Trump has destroyed our democracy. It’s time to destroy Trump & Co.”

As horrifying as this attack was, its occurrence is perhaps not all that unforeseen. An examination of the contemporary media and popular culture landscape reveals highly vitriolic and violent sentiments toward Trump and the American right-wing. Justifications of violence are rampant – from Antifa, BLM and various other groups. Celebrities and high-profile people have called for violence to fight the Trump agenda – and anyone associated with it. For this reason, the assault on GOP officials this morning was something which may have been a long time coming. It was just a matter of time before a deranged individual took things to the next level.

The permeation of these calls for violence have cascaded from high level authority figures. Numerous left-wing political activists have directly called for violence; and left wing politicians have also alluded to ‘resisting’ and ‘fighting’ at all costs.

Not long after Trump’s election victory, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch put out a public statement which suggested that Trump was threatening to take away people’s rights. She suggested that people have “fought, bled and died” in the past to preserve their rights – and that this needed to continue. She failed to provide examples as to how people’s rights were being compromise, yet found it appropriate to tell people they needed to fight, shed blood and even die. In the video statement, she doesn’t promote peaceful actions, but rather condones “what needs to be done.” This can certainly be interpreted as a call to violence, even if that is not what she explicitly meant by these statements. Other Democratic politicians, such as Senator Tim Kaine, have also made similar calls to take to the streets and be confrontational.

Hollywood elites have also called for violence in response to the rise of Donald Trump and his movement. Famous actors, producers and directors have suggested that resorting to violence is justified. Snoop Dog made a music video where he shoots Donald Trump in the head, Robert De Niro said he’d like to punch Trump in the face, Madonna said she has thought about blowing up the White House, Mickey Rourke threatened to beat Trump with a baseball bat and told him he could “suck his cock,” and Josh Whedon has said he wanted a Rhino to “Fuck Paul Ryan to death.” The list goes on.


judd apatow tweet

Some have even suggested left-wing revolutionary activity. Sean Penn and others constantly laud socialism, and have previously praised the now failing Venezuelan socialist government. Sarah Silverman has called for a military coup to remove Trump, and Katie Perry has perplexingly cried for revolution.

Bolshevik style revolution is being glorified and fetishized by these bizarre detached celebrities. If a real civil war did erupt, these people would likely cower and find refuge in their gated communities and multi-million dollar homes.

Proof of the permeation of left-wing revolutionary culture can be observed in the political movements taking place in America today. Groups like ANTIFA are growing rapidly – constantly attempting to create violent insurrections and promote the overthrow of white people and capitalism. ANTIFA continues to get away with assault and destruction of property throughout various US cities.

This culture comes from universities as well. Several surveys indicate that the vast majority of the professors in the social sciences are left wing – a good portion even directly identifying as full fledged Marxists. The combined actions of popular culture and intelligentsia have fostered a great deal of largely illegitimate resentment and rage within young people. Because the far left abides by postmodernism, they can justify any relative moral high ground in order to justify their arbitrary actions. This makes violence as a political statement all the more likely.

antifa losers 2


Mainstream media outlets like CNN also implicitly legitimize violence in relative circumstances. CNN surrogates have condoned violence against Trump supporters in the past, suggesting that such acts are warranted when directed toward white people – as a means to fight systematic racial oppression.

Fareed Zakaria, a host on CNN, promoted a rendition of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in Central Park – where the character of Caesar is depicted as Trump. The famous scene of Caesar being murdered by the Roman Senate is presented as Trump being stabbed by various women and minorities. Zakaria called it a “brilliant interpretation for the Trump era.”

Not long ago, during the presidential campaign, CNN gave a speaking platform to the individual who attempted to rush the stage during a Trump rally. They portrayed him as someone who was trying to raise awareness of Trumps bullying nature. In hindsight, it is quite ludicrous to give a platform to a potential would-be assassin of a major presidential candidate. If the same thing had been done to Hilary Clinton, there is no way CNN would have portrayed the incident in the same way; or given the individual a platform to clarify his actions.

The constant unproven and erroneous beckoning of the Trump-Russia conspiracy has also fed into this violent attitude toward Trump and his supporters. Many who despise Trump have fallen into the confirmation bias of his presidency being the result of Russian collusion – and therefore illegitimate. The mainstream media pushes this narrative without any evidence, and purposely obfuscates in order to push a certain agenda. Violence can seem justified in some people’s minds if they feel Trump is guilty of treason.

The attack on GOP congressmen, although appalling, is not all that unexpected. At some point, the confrontational and violent innuendo was sure to spill over into the kind of act which occurred in Alexandria Virginia. The violent rhetoric on Hodgkinson’s social media accounts were just a few of the thousands of explicitly violent statements directed toward the president and conservatives on a daily basis. If authority figures, popular culture and the media continue to perpetuate the justification of violence, then more of these events will continue to occur. It is incumbent upon the aforementioned entities to condemn violence in all forms, or else the normalization of politically motivated compulsions will become an irrevocable facet of future political discourse.

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