The Mooch’s Bad Week: Scaramucci’s Disastrous and Short Reign as Communications Director does not Encourage Private Sector Entrance into the White House


Just as quickly as he came, Anthony Scaramucci left the Trump White House with his head held low after a rough week. After showing so much optimism and promise, he leaves his brief tenure with the loss of his business and incoming divorce filings from his wife.

Anthony Scaramucci’s short and regrettable experience in this position will undoubtedly bring upon a dark cloud over the proposition of working for the Trump administration. Scaramucci took a risk and ended up losing badly – and other private sectors individuals will be unlikely to take the same kind of wager. Scaramucci gave up his position, missed the birth of his son and has seemingly lost his marriage – all in an astounding 10 days.

However, despite the optics of this, a lot of what happened to Scaramucci can be explained by his own incompetence. The astounding remarks he made to a leftist New York Magazine journalist were profoundly bizarre and highlighted his ignorant propensity to reveal such things to an oppositional media member. Although his statements highlighted realness and honesty, it just provided cannon fodder for the left wing media spin machine. After that incident, everything completely spun out of control. Missing the birth of his son was highly irresponsible – although he claims that the birth was sudden. The situation was undoubtedly strained by the couple’s prior deteriorating relationship. He and his wife’s divorce was clearly something that was a long time coming, and she likely decided to air the details to the media at an opportune time in order to intentionally spite him. Everything caved in at once and Scaramucci was left in the worst possible positon, and Trump led him out the door.

Although what happened pertains to a specific set of circumstances, optically this situation looks terrible to peripheral onlookers aspiring to join or work within the administration. In retrospect, Scaramucci had everything to lose and not much too realistically gain by taking on this position. He tussled with the media and was optically smeared and taken down easily and in a short period of time. He would have been far better off staying where he was instead of taking a chance to serve in government.

If people potentially entering the Trump White House do not see a realistic upside to joining, then applications will be few and far between. Because of the nature of the situation, along with Trumps propensity to throw those those close to him under the bus, many considerable negative aspects seem to outweigh any potential risk of joining this administration.

Good intentions in politics are often indicated by those who don’t want the job or could do better elsewhere. Other private sector individuals will foreseeably see this incident as a detractor. The way Trump cast off Scaramucci does not bode well either – revealing he does not stick with those who are and have been loyal to him. Flynn’s firing and the current treatment of Jeff Sessions also speaks volumes to this (especially considering Sessions was the first US politician to endorse his campaign).

This incident may also discourage individuals in the Trump White House from being more abrasive with the partisan mainstream media. Scaramucci was vocal about being tough with the media and his efforts were easily deflated. It is without a doubt that the American news media is highly biased and oppositional toward the Trump agenda, and are willing to do everything they can to smear and undermine this administration (even when it is not reasonable for them to do so)for purely partisan reasons. If there is one silver lining, it is that what occurred with Scaramucci may have entirely been due to his own incompetence – so others may not make the same mistakes in the future.

Many in the pro-Trump camp have floated conspiracy theories regarding Scaramucci’s brief tenure. While only in the White House for 10 days, Scaramucci managed to lay waste to two prominent administration members who were widely unpopular among Trump’s base – Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer. There is a possibility that Scaramucci was used as a conduit in order to bring about the firings of these two individuals (as the initial hiring prompted Spicer to resign, with Priebus being relieved of his duties shortly after). However, it is more likely that the moves were sporadic and were made either on a whim or as a product of circumstance. Even if Scaramucci’s was meant to get rid of these two, his quick departure surely was not part of the plan. The actual letting go of Scaramucci himself was most definitely a decision made because of the asinine comments he foolishly made to the New York Magazine reporter; as well as the details that were quickly coming out about his failing marriage.

Scaramucci had unwittingly embarrassed himself, and optically displaying such feebleness in a short period on the job was not suitable to Trump’s standards. In hindsight, the media had already gotten him to make a fool out of himself and aired out the details of his divorce in merely 10 days. After depicting himself as being tough on the media, the tables turned rather quickly and Scaramucci could not put his money where his mouth was.

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