Canadian Federal Liberals Alter the Tax Code: are the Changes Appropriate, or just another Tax Hike?

The Canadian Liberal government’s controversial new small business corporation tax proposal has brought new criticisms towards Justin Trudeau and his Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Outcry has come from those who believe owners of Canadian small business corporations are being unfairly targeted by a tax hike – all while being maliciously labelled as greedy tax cheats.... Continue Reading →

The North Korea Situation is Coming Full Circle and the Media is Concerned. Everyone looks to Kim while Ignoring the Sino-Indian Conflict.

Fear in the news has heightened thanks to the latest news that North Korea has miniaturized a nuclear weapon. Such a revelation has caused an exchange between president Trump and Kim Jong Un – and sensationalist media sources are humming over it. Trump threatened “fire and fury” if North Korea tried anything. Kim then responded... Continue Reading →

The Venezuelan Crisis: Descent into Hell

The socialist experiment in Venezuela has collapsed and continues to deteriorate. It was not long ago that the countries socialist climb was celebrated by many liberal/left wing westerners. Hugo Chavez was seen as a grand visionary who challenged the imperial might of the United States; and vowed to keep the nation’s oil and resources in... Continue Reading →

The Mooch’s Bad Week: Scaramucci’s Disastrous and Short Reign as Communications Director does not Encourage Private Sector Entrance into the White House

Just as quickly as he came, Anthony Scaramucci left the Trump White House with his head held low after a rough week. After showing so much optimism and promise, he leaves his brief tenure with the loss of his business and incoming divorce filings from his wife. Anthony Scaramucci’s short and regrettable experience in this... Continue Reading →

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