The Comey Testimony: What to Take Away

The moment everyone has been waiting for has come and gone. James Comey today testified to the Senate Intelligence committee regarding the nature of his firing as head of the FBI. Going in, everyone presumed that Comey would reveal damaging evidence to confirm President Trump obstructed justice – and subsequently lead to his impeachment. At... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Postmodernism

If nothing is real, then reality is whatever you want it to be. Right can become wrong, and wrong can become right. People are attracted to postmodernism becomes its revealing canon establishes moral universalities as fallible – allowing the individual to reconstruct reality in one’s own arbitrary image. What was once seen as axiomatically good... Continue Reading →

Alternative Archaeology: Does the Gobekli Tepe Site in Turkey Radically Change our Views of the Distant Past?

Questions regarding the origins and mysteries of human civilization are seldom considered by mainstream discourse. There is a tendency by many to approach the distant past as absolute – chronologically progressing events as an unalterable set of realities, brought to them by peripheral interest or exposure to various scholastic disciplines. Popular culture, the media, politicians, literature, intelligentsia and post-secondary institutions... Continue Reading →

Ajit Pai and Net Neutrality: Many Claim he does not Believe in a Free and Accessible Internet. Is this True?

Net Neutrality is one of many serious issues regarding freedom of expression in the United States. Currently, the debate mainly revolves around President Trump’s appointed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. Controversies surrounding Pai have escalated over his views regarding regulations adopted by the FCC in 2015 – under then chairman Tom Wheeler. Some of the criticisms laid upon... Continue Reading →

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